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What's Going on at ORE [Blog]

What is going on ORE

Local Farms First- Hanna Riepl

Murtaza's photosThis week at ORE I collaborated with the Local Farms First Market Manager Amy Konash to help with various social media networking. In doing this I became familiar with the importance of supporting local growers. Local Farms First is an online farmers market that distributes locally grown food to Gunnison and Crested Butte. It is a convenient way to support local businesses and gain a better understanding of farm to table operations.

Waste Guide Week!- Hanna Riepl

Waste Guides have been distributed! As of Friday June 20th every resident in Gunnison County will have recieved a Waste Guide in the mail. This pamphlet displays healthy, mindful ways of reducing, reusing, recycling, and composting left overs. This will allow residents access to understanding the appropriate ways of which to dispose different waste. Some of these waste items include technology, batteries, oil, paint, foam, and other man made products. The Waste Guide is a jump in the right direction allowing for our resilient community to thrive and remain secure.

Gunnison Valley Residents Recycle Over 100,000 Pounds of Electronics

Spanning numerous Electronics Recycling events, the Office for Resource Efficiency (ORE), the Town of Crested Butte, the City of Gunnison and Western State Colorado University have brought together residents of Gunnison and Hinsdale Counties to protect our environment and keep our landfills free of toxic electronic waste. Since January 2013, we have responsibly recycled a total of 105,702 pounds of electronics in the Gunnison Valley!

ORE Kicking off the Season! -Hanna Riepl

ORE was busy this week generating ideas for the 4th of July parade in Crested Butte. Kristen and I got the company van registered and set up an appointment to get the van wrapped with Local Farms First attire in time for the parade. We are currently recruiting people to be a part of our float to market Local Farms First as well as our plastic bag campaign. Our Gunnison Valley Waste Guides will be distributed throughout the county next week. To collect the extra guides that people may not want, Murtaza and I built Waste Guide recycling boxes that we plan to place next to P.O.

Sustainability Awareness and Activism from ORE's Newest Intern-Hanna Riepl

This week at ORE I participated in developing questions and answers to a trivia game ORE presented at the first Crested Butte Farmers Market of the season. In doing this, Murtaza and I tag teamed on researching energy facts that would be beneficial for the public to know. There ended up being a series of ten questions/answers. Our plan was to grant a CFL light bulb or an Energy Smart hat to anyone who guessed three correct answers. After finishing the trivia board I began researching CFL bulb facts to post on each CFL light we planned on giving away.


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