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Lazy Environmentalism

Do you consider yourself an environmentalist?

Do you want to be an environmentalist?

If the answer to either of these questions is "yes" or even a lukewarm "maybe," you may be struggling with the fact that living in accordance with your environmental values is supposed to take time, effort and money. Plus, with a lineup of holidays on the horizon, tis the season to be busy!

Get off on the right foot in 2011 with a prep talk from Josh Dorfman, a.k.a. The Lazy Environmentalist.

Dorfman insists that being an environmentalist, conserving energy, being green -- whatever you want to call it -- doesn't take more time, effort or money than being, well, not an environmentalist. How does this work? And is it true? Dorfman explains his theory and how people can apply it to their lives on The Lazy Environmentalist, his TV show on the Sundance Channel, through his two books and on his public radio show.

But, Dorfman will be making the same pitch right here on the Western Slope!

Come to the Old Rock Library in Crested Butte (507 Maroon) at 7 PM tomorrow (Thursday the 9th) to hear Dorfman speak.

This event is free & open to the public and snacks will be present.

If you can't make it, check out this video and visit the site to start learning more about how you can become an environmentalist without lifting a finger...

Greening Government

Is a high performance historic property an oxymoron?

No! Come see for yourself at tomorrow's Green Government Tour.

Earlier this year, the Town of Crested Butte received a grant from the Governor's Energy Office to perform energy upgrades to two of its historic properties: Town Hall & the Old Rock Library. The Town has since completed the upgrades, including simple winterizing, window replacement, insulated blind installation and more!

The Town Building Department will be leading a tour of these energy improvements tomorrow. An energy expert will be present to discuss energy assessments and improvements to historic buildings. Meet at the Town Hall at 4 PM to participate in this FREE event!

The tour will be followed by a reception catered by the Land and the Lamb in Town Hall.

All of the local governments in the area are participating in greening activities: including energy upgrades, energy performance contracts, sustainable purchasing policies and operating procedures, energy usage tracking and more. To find out more about these efforts, call your local government or ORE.



What do a turkey and a wall have in common?

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010


Q: What do a turkey (a cooked one on a platter, that is) and a wall have in common?

A: They're both at their best when stuffed!

Why eat a turkey sans stuffing? And why build a wall/house without a cornucopia of insulation!


Whether it's fiberglass rolls, cotton batts, SIPs (Structural Insulating Panels) or blown-in cellulose, insulation is instrumental to creating a warm home that doesn't cost a fortune to heat. If you're Turkey Day guests are grumbling about your drafty dining room, it may be time to find out what R-level of insulation you're operating at and consider an upgrade.

Luckily, as you're reeling from expensive grocery bills, you can be thankful for an abundance of cash-back rebate and incentive programs. 

Contact ORE to get on the track to a better-insulated, more comfortable, cheaper to heat home!


And check out Tom Plant, the Director of the Governor's Energy Office (GEO), speaking about the rebate program on Fox News!



Happy Thanksgiving! 

Where's My Stimulus Package?

Friday, November 19th, 2010

Do you feel shorted? Where's your government bailout?!

Turns out, it's right under your nose at Recharge Colorado from the Governor's Energy Office!

That's right, there is money waiting for you, you just have to apply for it, all while improving your home's or business' energy performance.

How much are we talking? There's about 5 million sitting in a rebate pool, waiting to be spent on:

  • ENERGY STAR Appliances (fridges, clothes washers, gas storage water heaters, dishwashers & gas boilers)
  • Gas Condensing Furances
  • Insulation & Air Sealing
  • Duct Sealing
  • Energy Assessments
  • Energy Monitors
  • Renewable Energy Technologies


In addition, you can layer these state rebates with other cash-back programs from the Gunnison County Electric Association and Atmos Energy, as well as with tax credits from the federal government.

So you may have to work a little for your stimulus package, but in the end you'll have a warmer, more comfortable home and lower energy bills!

ORE is here to help you access this $$$. We can answer your questions over the phone (970-641-7682) or email ( Or you can come on over to the Energy Resource Center and use our computer & printer while a real live human being walks you through the application process.

In the meantime, check out Jeff Lyng from the Governor's Energy Office offering Coloradoans an rebate update on Fox News:




Welcome to the ORE Blog!

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

This is the spot for the latest & greatest in energy happenings in the Gunnison Valley!

In case you're new to the site, the Office for Resource Efficiency (ORE) is 1 of 160-something non-profits in the Gunnison Valley. Why should you pay us any attention?

Energy powers all of our lives. Whether you're interested in reducing the amount of money you spend on energy each year, protecting yourself against energy security risks, reducing emissions resulting from energy use or localizing energy and increasing independence, ORE addresses all of these issues.

ORE promotes increased energy efficiency in our homes, buildings and vehicles, energy conservation and renewable energy.

Stay tuned or give us a call if you're curious about getting on the track to a smaller energy footprint.



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