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What's Going on at ORE [Blog]

What is going on ORE

Thank you!- Hanna Riepl

A thank you to all the people who helped me achieve my goals this summer working with ORE. I enjoyed the farmers markets, working with the grade school kids, and helping with customer support in the office. My experience was rewarding and I hope to keep in touch with everyone I came into contact with. I want to continue sharing ideas with those people on our passions about life and business. It was my pleasure to contribute a helping hand to such an important foundation in Gunnison. I hope ORE will live on to exceed the expectations of the people in this town.

What I have learned- Hanna Riepl

I am very thankful for the experiences I have had here at ORE. I have learned information on energy, food security, and how to be a good teammate to my peers. Throughout the summer we ran into some tough decisions to face. Murtaza became a great guide in ORE. I was pleased to land a part-time job with Amy working with Local Farms First. I hope I can continue to work with them in the future.

Farmers Market/ Solar Oven Experiment- Hanna Riepl

This week at the Crested Butte Farmers Market Murtaza and I fired up the solar oven. It was a huge hit. The oven reached 365 degrees Fahrenheit. As we baked our gluten-free cookies our goal was to demonstrate the potential for solar dependence in the future. It is a reliable, clean energy source that displays radiant heat which can be converted into different heat transfer systems when stored. For example, the solar oven has to be directly facing the sun to reach maximum heat transfer to the cookie dough.

Solar!- Hanna Riepl

Throughout my career at Western State Colorado University, I have steadily become enthralled with solar power and how it is used. A couple of weeks back, Murtaza and I had the pleasure of assisting a group of elementary school students with the construction of solar toy cars. It was interesting to discover how much information the students knew about solar energy and the process of electric conversion through photo voltaics. This week I had the opportunity to experiment with a solar oven. Needless to say, my cookies turned out to be delicious!

Team Work- Hanna Riepl

This week I began to understanding the challenges of running a non-profit organization. For one, there are so many projects in process simultaneously that my team has to juggle. Communication is extremely important when it comes to pleasing our customers. I have learned that the people one works with and your attitude toward them make all the difference. It is crucial to surround ones self with positive attitudes in order to get things done in the correct manner.


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